Author: Madre du Plessis

30 November 2011

The Friends of Tygerberg Hills hosted a group of cerebral palsy adults from Ulwazi at the Nature Reserve on Tuesday, 21 November. The Ulwazi project was established in 1997 by Evelyn Koopman and a group of parents who were in need of a facility where cerebral palsy adults could receive physiotherapy and mental stimulation as well as recreational, occupational, socialising and speech therapy.

The group was transported by Dial-A-Ride, who specialise in the transporting of physically challenged persons in wheelchairs, and were taken to the top of the hill, where carers, helpers from the Friends, and Tygerberg Hills Nature Reserve staff members assisted the group along the wheelchair path, stopping at various points for spectacular views of Table Mountain and Cape Town. The weather played along beautifully.

Back at the Christo Pienaar Centre, the Friends provided a Christmas party for their Ulwazi guests and carers.

The Ulwazi group presented the Friends with a beautiful thank-you card, illustrated with a mark from every person.

The Friends extend a very big thank you to Bernard Derksen and Jorge Martins from Spar in Plattekloof, and to Neels Mostert of Francor Bakery, who very kindly donated towards the party.

The Friends were once again humbled by the friendliness, energy and enthusiasm shown by our Ulwazi friends about their ‘visit to the top of the hill’, one of their year’s highlights.

You can find more photos of the event on our Facebook page.