The AGM on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 went off quickly and efficiently.

Bill Wilson, current chairman, opened the meeting and presented his chairman’s report. Treasurer Neville Potgieter presented the annual financial statement.

Events and achievements over the past year include:

  • Holding an interesting eco-talk each month, including the very popular talk on the Galapagos Islands and the talk on Climate Change.
  • The hacking/maintenance team have provided 698 man-hours of alien clearing in the Bothasig Fynbos Nature Reserve and Tygerberg Nature Reserve, plus 189 man-hours in the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve. In monetary terms, at a conservative rate of R100 per hour, this amounts to R88 700 contributed to conservation.
  • The Friends have a total of 210 paid-up members for 2012-2013, with an additional 436 on the database.
  • The website, facebook page and monthly newsletters and mailings have helped in keeping all informed of Friends activities.
  • The local media have been kept informed, and have also supported the Friends with exposure in local publications and on radio.
  • The Friends managed to secure a grant-in-aid from the local council for the amount of R20 000, to be used in the nature reserve.
  • CREW have had another very successful year, and are fast becoming an indispensable partner to conservation bodies in the Western Cape. Again this year, the Friends CREW group has identified plants previously thought to be extinct.
  • The Tygerberg Bird Club has provided its expertise and knowledge, assisting in the promotion of birding in the area.
  • Hedi Stummer (CREW) and Jacques Kuyler (previous manager of the Tygerberg Nature Reserve) were awarded with lifetime, honorary memberships of the Friends of Tygerberg Hills.
  • Hiking has continued throughout the year on Wed and Sat mornings, as well as alternative Saturdays.
  • The Friends managed to negotiate the return of the original cannon to its place on the Tygerberg Hills, and are currently in the process of getting the cannon restored.
  • The Friends’ finances are healthy, and the committee has managed to keep the membership fees to very affordable amounts, especially for senior citizens.

There were no new nominations for committee members, either before the AGM or from the floor at the AGM. Pat McGuiness, Alan Pearson and Margaret Pearson are unable to serve on the committee this year. Brieta Iken, a committee member from earlier in the year, is able to return to the committee, while Mike Philips, who has worked closely with the committee for quite some time, is able to formally take a place on the committee.

The committee for 2012-2013 is:

  • Gurli Armbruster
  • Kobus Botha
  • Desi Doran
  • Eddie Heimann
  • Brieta Ikin
  • Jorrie Jordan
  • Mike Philips
  • Neville Potgieter
  • Pearl van Zyl
  • Bill Wilson
  • Gerald Wingate

The manager of the Tygerberg Nature Reserve (Penny Glanville) automatically joins the Friends’ committee, and other City of Cape Town officials and conservation staff members attend committee meetings and participate in activities as and when required.

We wish the committee all the best for the year to come.