Talk at Monthly meeting

Hayley McLellan

Environmental Campaigner

“Talking Trash and Solutions”

Of all the plastic ever made, half of it was manufactured in the past 15 years only. Without demonising plastic, we MUST shift our behaviour with regards to single-use plastic as we find ourselves living in a world drowning in a plastic crisis.

A business as usual scenario will result in plastic outweighing all fish in the ocean by the year 2050. We cannot let this happen and every individual can make a difference, today.


Time is 19h00 for 19:30 .

At  Kristo Pienaar Environmental Education Centre   on Tygerberg Nature Reserve on Tygerberg Hill.

Cost at  the Function :

Friends of  Tygerberg Hills  free entry showing membership card .

Non-members visiting = R20 .00 donation.

For Friends of Tygerberg Hills details, only contact Diane on  021 975 5660