7 June 2022 Monthly Meeting – Speaker Tracy Starke

Friends of Tygerberg Hills free entry, visitors normal gate fee.

Tracy Starke shares her journey as a squirrel rehabilitator in the Western Cape.

Tracy started doing squirrel rehabilitation in 2011 when she received a 10-day old baby squirrel with closed eyes. Since 2015, she was been joined by Tracy Boddy and others, after doing it alone for four years. Today, the Squirrel Rescue Rehab is a registered NPO with over 50 members, all with different roles.

Their Facebook group has about 1800 members, and their page reach approximately 4 500 people. The Squirrel Rescue Rehab rescues and rehabilitates approximately 220 – 250 squirrels per season.

For more information about what they do, and to become involved in the Squirrel Rescue, follow their Facebook page and groups.

Interesting snippet about squirrels:

The famous grey squirrel common in the Cape today was introduced by Sir Cecil John Rhodes and released on Groote Schuur estate in the 1800’s and have spread widely throughout the Cape.