31 May – Belated information. Outing to Klipheuwel-Telkom
Swartland Shale Renosterveld.

The Endangered Marasmodes dummeri and Ruschia diversifolia – Vulnerable was found. New on the list
Pauridia minuta.

8-10 June CREW Workshop at Wortelgat. Wortelgat is just outside Hermanus close to Stanford. All the CREW teams from Nieuwoudtville to PE about 10 CREW teams were present. All gave there feedbacks of a years work and show their photos. One interesting talk was about Historical photos to help with vegetation changes. A lot to learn in the difference between recent and old photos.

28 June – Burgerspost . On a perfect sunny day we visit 3 different sites on the Burgerpost area on the Cloof Wine Estate between Malmesbury and Darling. Ismail from SANBI asked us to look for the special Oxallis levis who grows in white clay. All geared up in Wellies we search all over between other Oxallis species nearly look the same. I’m happy to say, we found it and our own Gurli from FOTH was the lucky one who saw it.