CREW report for September 2017

1 September, Friday: Outing to Langerug, Boland Agricultural High School Reserve, Wellington to check again the newly upcoming vegetation, to locate more Red Data as well as updating the plant list.   We were able to add 61 species to the existing list 13 of which were Red data.
8 September, Friday: Our Outing was planned initially for Uitkyk Wine Farm a burn-site on the Simonsberg but due to the recent rain the tracks were washed out and we had to reschedule. We then went to Papegaaiberg in Stellenbosch instead for a much needed revisit, finding Moraea versicolor amongst others. A quick visit afterwards to the Klapmuts Water Works Treatment Plant quite nearby proved rewarding: we discovered Geissorhiza purpurascens, EN growing there between the Port Jackson as well as Protea burchellii VU and Leucadendron lanigerum EN.
9 September, Saturday: Botanical Walk on Tygerberg, joined by Penny and staff. Interesting plants were seen and various matters discussed, which led to the next outing on Monday.
11 September, Monday: Van Schoorsdrif site near the Ostrich Farm off the N7 and the Morning Star Airfield. Together with Penny Glanville, Abraham Saaiman and staff this site was inspected for its vegetation and a list put together numbering 164 species seen on that visit, 13 of which are Red Data.
15 September, Friday: Koopmanskloof outing rained out and postponed.
16 September, Saturday: Attended the Milnerton RC Spring Walk with Kyran Wright
20 September, Wednesday: Assessment on Tygerberg NR, ticking off all the plants seen on that day, with many Red Data visible and looking good. Geissorhiza erosa EN in a mass display on the Induli Path, Othonna ciliata VU close by, Lampranthus scaber EN.
22 September, Friday: Delheim Wine Farm in the Simonsberg Conservancy was visited. We looked at a 2016 Burn site, established a plant list and sent in all the Red Data seen on that day: a total of 203 plants and 10 Red Data species.
25 September, Monday: A quick visit to the site in St Johns Rd, Durbanville, at the back of the Race Course which is in full bloom at the moment with Geissorhiza aspera, Gladiolus falcata and many many Babiana stricta in blue and in white. This site has not been mowed down as has been usual over the past years but left to flower and it is a treat to look at.
28 September,Thursday: Koopmanskloof Wine Farm off Bottlary Rd, Stellenbosch area. The postponed trip now a reality: we searched for the Hermannia sp nov found in October 2014 but are not sure if we were successful this time. Several specimens were collected and will be sent to Compton Herbarium for verification. At the same time we were able to add 30 more species to the existing plant list. Red Data seen were Babiana stricta, and Babiana fragrans on the lower slopes.
30 September, Saturday: Heuningberg together with the Swartland CREW in the Porterville area. This is a mountain island sitting in the great Swartland wheatfields. We were hoping to find more Spring flowers to add to the plant list as our first visit was in Autumn but found that most of the flowering was over due to the lack of rain. Nevertheless we were lucky to find Babiana secunda CR flowering, which made this trip worthwhile.
Hedi Stummer


CREW report for August 2017

(Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers)

FoTH CREW Report-back for August 2017

3 August, Thursday   Assisted Vula Environmental Services with the Search and Rescue Operation for the Sandown Development Area, Parkwood.    We helped with the search and subsequent identification of plants found there. At the end of the operation we visited the Table View Fynbos Corridor to see and record what was flowering there.

4 August, Friday    Outing to Langerug, Boland Agricultural High School Reserve, Wellington to check the upcoming Spring vegetation, to locate the Red Data on the site and to update the plant list.   We were able to add 76 species to the existing list as well as record several Red data species.

11 August, Friday     FOTH joined the BCA CREW and Jacques vd Merwe of Cape Town City Biodiversity branch, in looking at Blaauwberg Farm’s natural vegetation, a new possible Stewardship site. Although the day was overcast and rainy many species were recorded AMONG which were Xiphotheca reflexa, Manulea corymbosa, etc

12 August, Saturday   Botanical survey on Tygerberg Hill.   The object was and still is to assess the effect of the drought on the vegetation, checking plants against the plant list.   Saturday was rained out but walking a complete circuit on Thursday 17 August gave a good indication of what was flowering and that all was well so far on the Tygerberg.

18 August, Friday       Outing to Rondeberg, Hunter’s Valley close to Malmesbury. This is also a possible Stewardship site and our visit was timed to include some of the spring-flowering vegetation. We added 48 spp to the existing plant list. Also seen was a good population of endangered Babiana villosula on the road verges nearby.

23 August Wednesday: We joined the BCA CREW visiting Zoarvlei on Wednesday.   Present were a number of students and the site manager Mthokozisi Reward Nzuza. It was heartening to see the enthusiasm of the students and the general sharing of information by all participants.

25 August, Friday       FOTH CREW joined the Swartland group in an outing to “Die Eiland” at 24-Rivieren near Porterville to assess and record the spring flowers there.   This site with its Swartland Shale Renosterveld was absolutely pristine with its intact vegetation. We recorded 145 species on that day eleven of which were Red Data. Babiana stricta, Lachenalia pustulata and a probably special Cephalophyllum CR were seen on this occasion and promises further red data as the season progresses.

30 August Thursday Discussion meeting with FOTH & BCA CREW members. Specimens and photos of various plants seen on our last outings were scrutinized and discussed.
Hedi Stummer