In Memoriam: Pat McGuinness

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Pat McGuinness passed away on 28 April 2013. Pat was a longtime Friends member, a Friends committee member and was granted Honorary Membership in November 2012. He will be remembered as a true gentleman and a man who...

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A moment in history in April 2013

A moment in history in April 2013

After a fascinating journey covering more than 300 years, the original cannon that stood on the Tygerberg Hills in the 1700’s has finally come home, has been restored and is ready to be fired! We did our first firing following the cannon’s restoration. DATE: Saturday,...

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Climate change … where does one start?

by Professor Bruce Hewitson "Among climate scientists, this is not a controversial topic. But among the general public, it IS controversial." ( Visual: Indicators of a warming world. Visual from This comment...

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Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine Falcon occurs on all continents except Antarctica. This wide distribution has resulted in it being well studied, and renowned for its incredible high-speed stoops that have been measured to exceed 240 km per hour. This species has evolved to hunt at high...

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The Hadeda’s raucous call is unmistakeable.  Loud, harsh and usually catching you by surprise.  Hadedas were not indigenous to strandveld or renosterveld of the South Western Cape.  Man-made changes in the form of cultivated agricultural fields, irrigated sports...

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Black Sparrowhawk

Raptors, or birds of prey, always have some appeal to us because of their aerial antics and regal stance.  The Black Sparrowhawk is one of the stealthy hunters and has moved into the Western Cape over the past 20 years.  The availability of mature bluegum (eucalyptus)...

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Bringing the Tygerberg Hills cannon home

The team, including members of the Friends of Tygerberg Hills, Mech-O-Care, the Cannon Association of South Africa and staff from the Tygerberg Nature Reserve, gathers around the cannon, back home on the top of the Tygerberg Hills. The original cannon that stood on...

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Spotted Eagle-Owl

Myths and superstition have been the lot of these nocturnal hunters.  Owls have adapted to feeding at night as they have developed acute hearing and their flight feathers are designed to support silent flight for stealthy swoops on their prey. Our ancestors have...

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Southern Red Bishop

Southern Red Bishop

Camouflage and stealth are definitely not in the male Southern Red Bishop’s vocabulary during the breeding season!  Breeding plumage consists of bright red and pitch black feathers that are shown off at their best from a prominent perch while attracting further...

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Cape White-eye

Cape White-eye

The Cape White-eye is widespread throughout most of South Africa and is a well-known garden, bush and forest bird that bears descriptive Afrikaans names like Witogie, Glasogie and Meelogie because of the white ring of feathers around its brown eyes.  This tiny...

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Tygerberg Nature Reserve

Address: Totius Street, Welgemoed.

Opening hours:
SUMMER: October to March
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Weekends: 07h30 – 19h00

WINTER: April to September
Week days: 07h30 – 17h00
Weekends: 07h30 – 18h00

Entrance fees:
Adults: R20
Children 3 to 17yrs: R10
Children under 3yrs: Free
Senior citizen (60 yrs and older): R10
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Friends of Tygerberg Hills: Free
Vehicle: disabled drop off only: Free