Monthly Talk at Tygerberg Nature Reserve : August 7th 2018




A G M on 7th August starts at  19h00.


The General Meeting follows then at 19:30 .

Speaker is Guy Palmer.

The talk will be mainly about Barn Owls and their interaction with small mammals. Demonstrating their usefulness in the agricultural landscape as a control mechanism for rodent irruptions in particular. It will also deal with the value of the analysis of regurgitated Barn Owl pellets in understanding historic climatic and the current small mammal distribution.

 "I am retired after working for Cape Nature for 45 years mainly in the Scientific Services section but also did a few years as Regional Manager of the West Coast Region. I could best be described as a "Conservation Ecologist" with a wide range of interests and experience in the field of conservation. I was also intimately involved in the successful submission and later extension of the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas World Heritage Site. "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Normally the meeting time is 19h00 for 19:30 .

At  Kristo Pienaar Environmental Education Centre   on Tygerberg Nature Reserve on Tygerberg Hill.

Cost at  the Function :

Friends of  Tygerberg Hills  free entry showing membership card .

Non-members visiting = R20 .00 donation.

For Friends of Tygerberg Hills details, only contact Diane on  021 975 5660



Coming up in September.

I will give talk on the garden and grounds of the hotel “the Greenest Hotel in Africa” the Hotel Verde as their head Gardener and grounds man, for the past 4 years. It has won numerous awards in the international arena.

I am Alex Duff.  Been a farmer for 10 years early in my working career,  then started a garden service that I  had for 10 years, then sold it.

Then started a retail marketing business for Organic products ,fertilizers etc to the green trade.

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About us

Friends of Tygerberg Hills are people who are concerned about our natural environment in the Cape.

Our Friends group was founded end of November 2002 starting with 15 members.

On the 29th of August 2005 we were registered as a Non-profit organization with the department of social development.  We have also received tax exemption from SARS.

We work for the conservation of the nature reserves.  We also encourage greater public awareness of the value of the areas for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Tygerberg Hills are part of our natural heritage and home to a wide variety of plants, animals and birds. The main aim of the Friends group is to support and assist the local authorities by volunteering time and effort to assist in the maintenance of this natural asset. All the Friends activities are done in partnership with the local nature conservation officer.

We are affiliated to Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, registered with City of Cape Town to participate in the newly established ward forums, represented on the Advisory board of Tygerberg , Durbanville , Edgemead and Bracken nature reserves.

Activities of the Friends ?

FoTH help the management of the reserve in every possible way. Friends can do their bit for the reserve and surroundings by raising funds to finance approved projects, organise hikes, share their knowledge with other friends and visitors, educate, train, provide technical skills and labour.

We use our skills and manual labour for walks, maintenance of hiking paths and steps, fire breaks, hacking, making sign boards, construct bridges.

We cut down and removed alien vegetation such as Pine, Port Jackson, Rooikrans, certain Bluegums and other shrub alien vegetation growing in the reserve.

Enviro Talks and presentations in the Centre

First Tuesday of the month we present an interesting talk or presentation with an environmental flavor. Talks are advertised on tygerberghills  website, on Facebook, in the local Tygerberger as well as in our notices. The venue is the Kristo Pienaar Environmental Education Centre in the Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

Enviro Talk start at 19h00 for 19h30
Friends of Tygerberg Hills membership card is Free entry . Non-members:  R20 donation.

Friends group Hike in Reserve

The Friends have regular hikes in the reserve. These hikes are advertised on our website, in our notices, in the local press as well. Our hikes include the very popular sunset or full moon rise hikes for our members and paying visitors.

From 1st September 2018 we will be walking at 06h30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

We organize special hikes, such as our ‘wine hikes’, where we walk from the Welgemoed entrance, through the reserve hills to Altydgedacht wine farm for a cellar tour followed by wine tasting, cheese and bread. Then hike back to the Reserve Centre.

The Hackers  group

The hacking team assists the management of the Reserve, taking out mostly alien vegetation and plants, pine trees, Port Jackson and Rooikrans in and around the reserve. You must be fit as we walk through everything  and around and prepared to get sweaty, scratched and sometimes even wet, but that is all part of the hack.

C.R.E.W group  (Custodians for Rare and Endangered Wildflowers)

We participate in the C.R.E.W program, coordinated by the National Botanical Institute at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  The main aim is to promote awareness of our floral kingdom in our immediate environment.  We also monitor the rare and endangered plant species that occur in our surroundings.  CREW holds regular weekly field trips.

Firing the muzzle loading cannon on the Hill

On various public holidays our fully qualified gunners fire the 12 pounder muzzle loading cannon  in the Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

The cannon can also be fired for special private occasions, such as wedding day, birthday or a special event for an affordable fee to cover the gun powder used.

For more info, contact Jürg Zimmermann 083 7018496 or Neville Potgieter 021 913 4618.


Few times a year we invite the youngsters from the ULWAZI project for the physically challenged to the Tygerberg or Durbanville reserves.  It is always an eye opener for us volunteers to see the smile on the faces of these youngsters confined to their wheel-chairs, when we took them to the picnic site for sightseeing. Afterwards we wheeled them down hill to the centre where they learned about the birds and animals of the reserve, or helped decorating greeting cards and enjoyed some snacks and cool drinks.
After intensive lobbying by the Friends, the new wheel chair ramp was opened last year. Now they also have access through the main entrance to the Kristo Pienaar Centre and need no more to be wheeled in through the back door.

Contact Evelyn Koopma 082 824 8281

For Information of Friends of Tygerberg Hills:

Friends of Tygerberg Hills ,  PO Box 2522 ,  Durbanville ,  7551

Secretary = Diane Johnson 083 270 8546 ,

Chairman = Dan =  e-mail

Website   = Sjaak  =  e-mail , 081 301 1793


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